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We adopted Mordecai (Oshkosh Out Back) in February of 2013, just two days before his 4th birthday. In the three short years we have had him he has become quite accomplished. He has become the #10 all time greyhound in NAFA flyball AND the top active greyhound in NAFA flyball! He also recently retired from lure coursing with 4 Best of Breeds to his name! Of course, in addition to being quite the athlete he is the sweetest, friendliest greyhound I know, and we love him so, so much. He is a great big brother to our timid whippet, Zer0, and a great cuddle buddy to our terrier Blanche. We really don't know how we ever survived without him.

Emily Neal


This is our sweet boy Romeo who we adopted in 2008. He is a great big baby, but we love him!

- Bob & Robin Sells, Roanoke VA


We adopted Faye back in November 2010. She's been with us almost 6 months now and it's like she's always been here. Faye has her own little language and she makes sure we all understand exactly what she means. If she wants her bed moved into the sunlight, she will stand in the place where she wants her bed to be and stare at us until we move it. Then she'll lay down like she owns the place. For such a sweet little pup, she makes a really good princess! We all know exactly where we stand with Faye - at her beck and call!

Anyway, this picture was taken only a couple of days after we got her. She'll sometimes fall  asleep with her head in our laps. I took a nap on the rug one day and she curled up beside me and put her head on me like I was her pillow. I think it's kind of like her version of a hug.

She's just about the perfect dog. 6 months have gone by - she hasn't had a single accident in the house, she never begs for food or tries to eat food that we accidentally leave within her reach. She LOVES the yard that we fenced in for her. It's hilarious to watch her roll in the grass.  Sometimes, she really does act like a puppy and just goofs off. She's very regal most of the time; it's SO much fun to watch her be silly. And then when she lays down to nap with me or comes up to be with me while I do my homework, it's such a heartfelt action that you just can't help but fall in love with her. She's such a sweet girl. PERFECT for our family.  Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!

- Deb Lustig



Moosie was adopted from SCGA in 2003 or 2004, I'm not sure how much time has
passed!! He moved from Salem to VA Beach in 2006.  He is now 11 yrs old, still as hyper and silly as day one. He gives the very best kisses!
- Elizabeth Parrish

Opal  -
loving her new home and her new friend Reina

Chica -
enjoying the comforts of her forever home.

♥ Gunner
with his new friend ♥


Rhett and Scarlet  - "It's way too hot outside...we'll just stay right here!"

Ginger and Emma
having fun in the snow!


Mayer -
Mayer raced quite a bit
and also had 38 puppies!
This sweet girl is now 10
years old and is so happy to
have her own home.



and her "adopted kitten" Socks

Just a big, laid back, happy
10 year old boy


is still enjoying the comfy life and is working hard to break in his new bed!
(adopted Feb. 2005)

Skip and Lucy - Doing the "Greyhound Thing"

Onge - "Then and Now"
It didn't take any time for Onge to settle into his forever home a few years ago, and now he is meeting and greeting on the beaches of Hawaii!  Way to live the good life, Onge!



Norma (adopted 6/19/09) is adjusting quite well and her family is happily amazed by her loving personality and fun, playful antics!




Posy is very happy in her forever home and keeps her family laughing all the time!
"She is the best thing in our lives."



Tom enjoys all the comforts of home!

Starburst, enjoying her forever home!

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