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Onge was the best friend a girl could have.  He blew air up his lips to make me laugh.  He saved my life many times as my service companion.  He was silly, lively, sweet and so smart!  He was loved by everyone he met in Hawaii no matter where they came from.  His story and Facebook page reached hundreds of hearts and united them under a cause despite their differences.  He has a legacy of love, hurt, grief and healing. Wherever I went everyone told me what a beautiful boy I had. So right!

- Marie

Kelsos Ziplock

I was lucky enough to owned by her mother Kelsos Martin from Oct 2004 til April 2007. She was the most wonderful dog!  Her pups are no exception to that rule and Zip lived up to being a true Martina pup. She was known at the kennel as Mama Zip. I had said yes to adopting her back in 2008 I think, but then she was sold to another breeding farm. She then came to be at Star City with Sara. My inn was full, but I checked her page to make sure she had a home. When I lost my Shadow (Barts Freedom) to Osteo in February of 2011 I wasn't sure I was ready for another but Mama Zip was still on the web page and about to turn 10. We couldn't let that happen! So Sara allowed me to adopt her and bring her home to live with her half siblings: Kelsos Ned Power, Kelsos Sampson and Kelsos Gabriella. She was my sweet, happy go lucky, never met a stranger, super duper love bug. She gave great hugs and kisses, loved to go for walks and rides in the car and to relax on her bed. She was super serious about that! And I'm not sure how she did it, but she was her own thundering herd of elephants in the house. She delighted in being able to to run from one end of the house to the other...only when I'd take the baby gate down. She is greatly missed by all of us. Thank you Sara for allowing me to enjoy her and spoil her for the past 2.5 years. It's never long enough.  And thank you Brian for driving her to the park for me to pick her up.

- Jill Fitzpatrick
Oriental, NC 

(AKA Coconut)

On October 31, 2012, we said our sad goodbyes to our girl, Koven (aka Coconut), gave her our love, and sent her on her way to a peaceful sleep.  Although she fought a short battle with lung cancer, we made sure she was comfortable and felt our love until the end.  She was our first child and she caused us to adopt a second greyhound.  Our tribute to her is the life of two other rescued greyhounds somewhere in the world.  We will always remember the softness of her ears, her sneaky way of stealing food, and her excitement for the first snow of winter when she would come back to the door with a small pile of snow on top of her nose, the sound of the food dropping in her dish, or the thought of going for a ride in the truck.  Because of her, we will always know the special love of a greyhound and how blessed we were to have her as part of our family. 

Rest easy sweet girl, until we are reunited in the end; may you have all the marshm
allows and sunny spots you desire.  We will love and miss you always. 

 - Mary and Brent




Rourke left for the Bridge on Wednesday to be reunited with his mom Spirit, being held in my arms, surrounded by love. He left much too soon, but an eternity with my boy would not be long enough.  Rourke came to me on his 4th birthday, January 8, 2009, but his journey to me started much earlier.

In late summer 2008, a broodie named Spirit arrived at Star City Greyhounds from Halfway Homes in OK. A pretty little black and white girl, she was one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. Not long after arriving, she began to limp and x-rays showed the dreaded osteo in her shoulder. She was showered with treats and loved by Sara and all the volunteers.  She would lay in the turnout staring off into the distance, and when asked by the communicator, she said she was thinking about all her babies.  I wanted to do something for Spirit and decided if I could find one of her babies, I would give him or her a home.

About a month after Spirit passed, Teddy from Halfway Homes called Sara and said Rourke was coming off the track at Lincoln Park, and was available. He was vetted in Oklahoma, then made the trip to TriState in West Virginia in a hauler. I will never forget calling Sara while she was there picking up dogs. She told me he was a gorgeous big blue fawn boy, and seemed very sweet.  And so, after some "integration into the pack" issues, Rourke settled right in.  He has been an absolute joy in my life, and I now realize that what I thought was my gift to Spirit, was in reality a gift from Spirit to me.

I have never had a dog that has been as happy as Rourke. I only heard him growl once (over a bully stick). He would let children crawl all over him, and little toddlers would seem drawn to his sweet gentle spirit. He was safe with all animals, usually because he was afraid of them, even little yappy dogs would send him whimpering behind me. He was loving and gentle with everyone who approached us.  He was my bed buddy, cuddling up with his head on my shoulder and a leg thrown across me. I think I miss that the most, along with watching him run just for the sheer joy of it and loving food and treats.  Even with prostate cancer, he ate well and enjoyed every bite!  So many good memories of my gentle giant.  And so, dear Spirit, I've sent him back to you. Thank you for sharing him with me. Take good care of our boy until I can join you.  And to my Rourke, my good big boy, enjoy running again pain free, and all the treats and good things you'll find at the Bridge. No one could have loved you more than I. We will be together again. I love you.

A special thank you to Hope, who captured Rourke's essence in all the pictures she took.

- Kim Jones



(AKA ICU Meteor Mark)
5/27/1999 � 6/4/2012

On Monday, June 4, I lost Jed, my big brown-eyed handsome boy of 13 years.  I will miss his soft butterfly kisses, his head butts coming down the hallway towards the kitchen and his demand for a walkie regardless of the weather.

Fly free big boy on four good legs with a perfect body.  I miss you so much.  You were the ultimate greyhound.

- Carolyn Davis



(AKA Cee Bar Quad)
2/7/2001 � 9/11/2011

Our Quaddle Bear. He picked us at PetSmart after I walked him for the first time and stole our hearts soon thereafter. He was the first Greyhound in our neighborhood, and inspired our neighbors to get a Greyhound as well. Quad was always quick to offer himself for cuddles and pets, seeming to know just when you needed it the most. When Momma would start making mashed potatoes for dinner, you could be sure that Quad would be standing there; just to make sure nothing was wasted. When you rubbed his ears the right way, he would lean into you and groan with such delight, followed by his slobber flinging every which way when he shook his head. Treat time was his favorite. He would snap his teeth like an alligator�s when you tossed food at him, missing rarely. I taught him to �speak�, and being such a smart Greyhound, Quad picked it up very quickly. When the garage door rose, you could hear Quad�s wooing, ever eager to greet you at the door. His special beds (he had two, of course) were where we found him most of the time, or curled up on the couch, paws on the arms. Sometimes, and I�m pretty sure he did it to goad us; he would stretch himself out to take up two thirds of the couch, leaving one tiny cushion for Momma to do her work. He copied his brother, Gypsy, and learned how to lie on his back, and could be found most nights doing such a move after he woke up from a nap. Everyone who met Quaddles instantly fell in love with him. He had that way about him, and that was so special.

Not long ago, our Quad started to drop weight fast. Perhaps it was because Mom went away during the summer, and Quad missed her, perhaps it was because he was getting older and needed more and more food. We didn�t know. We took him to the vet time and time again, and unfortunately, they couldn�t come up with an answer for us either. The blood work showed possible signs of cancer, but without further tests, no one could be sure. We didn�t want to subject our beloved Greyhound to it, so we decided to medicate him and let him live his days happily. We increased his food, added meat to his diet, (secretly) gave him people foods, and gave him all the treats he could have wanted. Eventually though, it was Quad�s time. He was showing us that while he continued to fight, poor genetics had caused him to become sicker and lose more and more weight, making it painful for him to even lay down (his favorite thing to do). On the 11th, we gave Quad our love, said goodbye, and let him drift peacefully towards the Rainbow Bridge. The pain and heartache was, and still is, the worst kind when a dog so attached to your heart is gone, leaving a gaping hole. I know in my heart of hearts, that our Quaddle Bear, our Quaddle Waddle Woo will be waiting at the Bridge for us when our time comes. He will be there with his tail wagging, his Greyhound smile, and his woos calling for us to hurry. You will be missed, buddy. We love you always.

- The Blankenship Family




(AKA EA�s Angel Baby)
July 2000-May 2011

It is only fair it�s so hard to say goodbye, they bring you so much love and enjoyment while we are blessed with their time. Angel passed May 30, 2011. I had always been told how wonderful broods were. I will have to agree! She graced us with her love and motherly ways. I will miss letting her choose where she would like to lay down so I could serve her food bowl! Haha! Her waiting until I walked away before she would eat! Her nibbling my plants in my garden. Her chattering teeth and dry kisses on my face.  Her tail propelling in circles like a helicopter. Her raspy bark. Watching her wait until my two other hounds started to run then chasing them down passing them and then turning back barking at them like � come on you slow pokes you are younger than I am�.  Seeing her fanny pass my door dragging/borrowing our clothes to use in her bed! Her not coming when I call her name! Her making me get down on all fours (on her level) so she would finally come! Hahaha! Angel girl, we love you. We will shout greyhound praises and other hounds will find their forever homes because of the love you have brought to us.

 - Foster Ridpath & Kim Walters


(AKA Wix Jonah)
11/2/2001 � 5/9/2011
Sadly, our beautiful friend and companion, Wix Jonah, succumbed to the bone cancer with which he was afflicted. Jonah lived almost 10 years, most of it in pain due to the auto-immune disease he had, and then, the cancer. He was with us over 5 years of that time, and we did the best we could to make him comfortable, and I believe he understood that. He never ceased to wag his tail when he saw one or the other of us headed his way with a treat or bowl of food, or just to pet and make over him. Even in the last few months, in the great amount of pain he must have been in, he always met us at the door. He would get extremely excited when we presented a leash to him, knowing he was going out the door. He couldn�t walk far, but a turn around the yard seemed to satisfy him. He was a sweet, good natured boy, and beautiful, also. He was classically shaped, and moved with the grace of a ballet dancer. He had a dark hairline from the back corner of both eyes back towards his ears that gave him an oriental look. His friends, Becca Walker, Sweet Pea, Bopper, his uncle, Homer, and Monster all gathered around this morning and said good bye. Not one of them barked or made any noise at all as Sandra took Jonah out the door. Normally, when she leaves, they will bark and whine for a long time, but not this morning. We would like to thank the staff at Roanoke Animal Hospital for all they did, and all they tried to do for Jonah, Mini, and Jefferson. He will be sadly missed.

- Nick and Sandi Wise


(AKA Lead on Freckles)
6/23/2000 � 3/16/2011

Our beloved girl passed away on March 16, 2011 due to bone cancer. Freckles entered our lives in the summer of 2002 when she picked us to be her forever parents.
In the almost nine years we had with her, she brought us more joy, happiness, and love than one can imagine.

We will forever miss her sweet face and gentle nature. We were blessed to have Freckles in our lives.

- The Hartbergers


Mini Dasher
5/19/1997 - 2/1/2011

It is with greyt sadness and a heavy heart that I must report the passing of our little lady, Mini Dasher.  She was both sweet and loving, when she wanted to be. Originally, she was Sandi�s dog. Like I said, she was partial to ladies. But, after Jefferson passed three years ago, a strange thing began to happen. Mini would come over to me and gently run her muzzle into the palm of my hand. I would rub her cheek and she would press her head into my thigh and look up at me with those mesmerizing eyes as if to say �I know, I miss Jeffy, too.�

It was easy to overlook the fact that Mini was, perhaps, the most spoiled lady I have ever run into. Her previous adopter would cook chicken for Mini every day, and Mini loved chicken. All you had to do was open the refrigerator and take out some chicken salad, or KFC, or anything else with chicken in it, and no matter if she was upstairs or down, within seconds, Mini would be by your side, staring at you.

Everyone we introduced to little Mini appeared to fall in love with her. She just had that way
about her.

On the track, Mini could hold her own, as long as she could start on the inside. If she was
able to get out front, she would be gone. On outside starts, she would be in collisions with
bigger, heavier hounds and that would slow her down. Of her 105 races, she finished 1st, 2nd,
or 3rd place 42 times.  She is greytly missed by Jonah, Homer, Becca, Monster, Sweet Pea, her three cats, and Sandra and me. Rest in Peace, Baby Girl.

 - Nick and Sandi Wise


(AKA AB Jimbo's Gift)
10/3/1996 - 1/12/2011

Gift was a very special brood that quickly made her place here at the kennel. I sent her to the bridge on the 12th and her sweet face and stately presence is greatly missed.  The first time I saw her I was on a farm in WV picking up some young dogs and the farmer as an after thought asked if I was interested in taking an old gal he had. He figured she would just live out her life on the farm, but he wanted a little better life for her. He brought her out and thought that she was around 10 years old. I told him if he spayed her I would pick her up in 2 weeks when I came back. He said ok and put her into an empty run. He didn't notice that the gate on the back of the run was open where we had taken the other dogs out. Gift spotted it and very matter of factly went in the front gate, out the back gate, across the little bridge onto the driveway and headed for my car. I was already getting in the car and didn't notice her till the farmer shouted at her. I stopped and watched her. The farmer caught up to her, grabbed her collar and went to return her to the run. She reared up and fought him every step of the way. He was amazed and kept trying to coax her, but her mind was made up and she was coming with me. I was almost in tears and when he got her back into the run I knelt down and told her I would be back for her, I promised! When I got home and looked her up I found out she was 12 instead of 10 and called the farmer back and said to hold off on her spay. Two weeks later I returned and Gift sauntered out of the kennel, down the path, across the bridge to the driveway and stood by the car. We were actually looking at other dogs and only noticed her when she passed us on her way to the car. I ran out, opened the door, loaded her up and watched her check out the accommodations and settle on a bed with a small sigh, like ok, I'm ready, let's get this show on the road. So began my love affair with this sweet southern lady. She had her own sense of style and had to be properly attired whenever she "went to town", whether it was a fun day at PetSmart or a trip to the vets. I could have drug her thru the gate to the car, but put a hat on her and she would lead the way to her "taxi". She loved going to PetSmart and for her 14th birthday got a little party complete with a cupcake. She was in heaven. Her rear started giving out and Dr Simms was ready with her magic needles to keep her comfortable and going. She got her treatments at Howard's and decided that she didn't like his place at all. When she was done she would stomp down the deck with attitude, going back to the kennel where she had her special spots. When Flavor passed away Gift became the head chick with all the perks, namely a place on the revered doggie couch. She couldn't get up on her own but would stand beside it and lift a paw or just drop me a look and I boosted her up.  She also developed a thing for hotdogs and would never fail to appear if the fridge door got opened or sometimes she would just stand in front of it and give me "the look". I was her grateful slave. Her last night I lifted her onto the couch and one at a time the other dogs approached her, sniffed, touched noses with her then moved on. They all paid their last respects to a great girl. I watched it all with tears running down my face. Dr. Simms paid her one last visit and I thanked her for her respect and gentleness in sending my old gal to the bridge. I am touched that Gift chose me to spend her last years with and I hope I am a better person for our relationship. She had wisdom and grace and a slamming sense of style. Run with the wind Gift, you were surely a gift to me.

- Sara Orrick


Montana Lil
3/26/1995 - 1/5/2011

Our Miss Lil (a.k.a. Montana Lil, a.k.a. High-Speed Hound, a.k.a. the Lildebeast) died on Tuesday, January 05, just three months shy of her 16th birthday.  She came to us after 5 years as a racer, and three years spent waiting for someone to adopt her, and she was ours for 8 more good years.  She was the oldest greyhound in the valley and the reigning queen of Greyhound Planet Day.  Goodbye, Miss Lil.  We will miss your sweet shy nature, and your cold wet pointy nose, and your soft fur, and your long skinny tail (was that your real tail?), and the figure-eight racetrack that you wore in the grass, and watching the dirt fly while you dug another hole just because it felt good.  We filled in the holes in the yard, but we can�t fill the hole in our home where you used to be.  We love you.

- Carol, David, and John


My sweet, beautiful Kora crossed the bridge Nov 5th.  She was not in pain long and for that, I am thankful.  She was my second greyhound, but my first girl dog.  Having only had boy dogs, I wasn�t sure what to expect.  I could not have asked for a more loving dog.  She was always ready for a good rub down � one that started at her nose and ended at the tip of her tail.  She was my four legged daughter, my pink in a sea of blue. I miss her long nose wake up calls over the side of the bed, her goofy grin and her two legged salute when I come home from work each day.  Her ashes remain with me because I have no idea where to spread my heart.  Until we meet again sweet girl �

- Laura Duncan


(AKA System Reptile)
8/11/2000 - 11/16/2010

My Rippa left for the Bridge on November 16. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on 10/28 and cancer took her from me far too soon. Rippa was my first greyhound and started me on a wonderful journey loving her and all the other hounds who have followed.

She leaves a legacy that death will not overcome.

Because of Rippa, I will always have a greyhound in my home.

Because of Rippa, I have made many wonderful friends.

Because of Rippa, I will continue to help find homes for these magical creatures.

I love you, little girl. May you always have a sunny spot to lay in and all the treats your heart desires. You and Ozzie have fun. I'll be with you again someday, I promise.

To all the people who have helped me through this tough time, please know I love you all.

- Kim


6/17/2006 - 11/22/2010

Candy was such a loving girl. We  got her on 6/5/09 from Pet Smart.  She was the second greyhound to come into our lives. My son got the first one.  Candy was such a big part of our lives.  She would go outside and run and would try to get Bingo to run with her. Sometimes it was like they were in  a race and sometimes they would just be playing tag. She was such a joy to have around the house. She would always come around wanting you to love on her.  When I would come home from work in the summer and ask her if she wanted to go outside and lay in the sun. She was ready,  waiting on me to come home from work to go outside with her and lay.  Even after she got sick she would still come to you wanting to be loved on. We could tell she wasn't feeling good but she didn't give up until she had to. She will always have a special place in our hearts.

- Eddie, Tammy, Chris and Bingo


5/1998 - 11/20/2010

My sweet Jesse man has crossed the bridge today. I have had him for 4 years and have loved every day with him. He has been ill for some months and it was time for him to say goodbye. Find Twister, some sunshine with cool breezes and peanut butter bread. I will love you forever big man.
- Carolyn


Miss Nell

In memory of Miss Nell.  She brought silliness, joy and laughter to our household for 5 years.  We love her and will miss her dearly.  She will always have a �forever home� with us.  Thank you Star City Greyhound Rescue for introducing us to our lovely girl.  Things will not be the same without her.

The Stevens Family
(including Tyson the Boxer)
Ironto, Virginia



In memory of our sweet Nictor, our first rescue greyhound.  Without Sara's work we would never have known such a kind, docile, gentle and graceful animal.  He was our mainstay, and now he is gone but never, ever forgotten.  We'll always love you, "Mr. Greyhound."

The Magno Family
Fishersville, VA




(AKA Prosharddaysnite)
3/3/1996 - 6/23/2010

I'm sure in everyone's life is a moment that stays time. A moment where your life is changed, where your path is pointed out and your feet set in a new direction. Such a moment for me was the day that a dark brindle boy with one eye walked into my home. The previous weekend I walked thru the kennel looking at all the dogs, trying to pick out my first greyhound to foster. "Not that one" I said about the brindle boy that barked the whole time I was there.  I was very disappointed when it was that dog that was delivered to me the following weekend. That disappointment lasted less than a day as that dark brindle boy worked his magic on me. The perfect dog I told everyone. But perfect can't begin to describe what Hardday was. He was my confidant, he was the warm body that snuggled with me at night, he was the wagging tail with the happy feet that greeted me every time I came home. He was the beginning of a journey that has given me the most joy and the biggest heartache ever. For 11 years his one eye has missed nothing. He kept order in the kennel, he graced my bed and was always there putting his nose in my hand and giving his strength when times got tough. For all his easy going manner he had a core of steel and a determination to do things his way no matter what. That determination carried him thru the last few years as his body got frail. Many thanks to Dr. Simms, Hardday's acupuncturist, whom he referred as the cookie Dr., for helping to keep him going. Last night Hardday had a stroke. His weak rear gave out and he could only go to the right. He fought and thrashed for hours. Getting him in a vehicle was out of the question. I fussed, argued and begged him to stop. He had beaten every other road bump in his life and he wasn't about to give up without a fight. I finally got him calmed down and resting and got a few hours sleep before he was up and at it again. He had to pee and he was going outside no matter what. Once that was done I laid with him on his bed and he let me know that he was done with this body and ready to move on. All he wanted in the end was for me to be with him. Such presence, grace and dignity as he had allowed him to leave with a slight sigh and a promise to wait for me. Right now I'm lost. My compass, my solid base that grounded me, my reason for everything I do is gone. I'm glad you are free my sweet man, but OMG how I miss you!     - Sara


(AKA Synchronicity)
5/13/2003 - 6/3/2010


Dexter the Wonder Pooch. Dexter Doggy Dogg. Triple D.  My husband and I adopted Dexter from Star City Greyhounds five years ago.  He was a terrible racing greyhound, but he was an outstanding pet greyhound.  Affectionate, sweet, usually mellow but occasionally grumpy, Dexter was the dog that met me every day at the door, the dog that danced with me in the living room, the dog that snuggled his 74-pound frame between my husband and me in our queen-sized bed.  Dexter was the dog that made us love dogs and was the undisputed pack leader to our two other pooches.  We weren't ready to lose him.

On June 2, the seemingly healthy 7-year-old dog we left in the morning was clearly in distress when my husband returned home from work.  We took him to Emergency Veterinary Services of Roanoke, where he spent the night in critical care.   But the vet couldn't fix what was broken. Something exploded in his brain -- a tumor, an aneurism, we don't know -- and it was forcing his blood pressure to brutally punish the rest of his organs.  No matter how much medicine was pumped into him throughout the night, he wasn't coming back.  After 14 hours of treatment there was no improvement. We said goodbye and put his body to rest.

We cried an ocean of tears. The grief was choking. We felt that we had somehow let him down, even though logically we knew that wasn't true.  I regret that Dexter got dealt a crappy hand of DNA. I regret that he won't be here for another summer, another Christmas, another spring.  I regret that we have to develop a new daily routine with our remaining pets -- a new normal -- that doesn't include him.  But I will never regret that Dexter was part of our family.  He left a legacy in my personal and professional life. Dexter the Wonder Pooch, the muse that inspired this column and my blog, is immortal in our hearts.  The outpouring of sympathy my family received was touching and has helped us find peace.  Cards and e-mails from friends, co-workers and dog lovers I've met through this column as well as empathetic comments left on my blog and my Facebook page show me that people do care, they do understand this grief, and that we have a great circle of friends.  Will we get another dog? Maybe. Probably. But not for a while.  My family needs time to grieve and time to heal. And that will take as long as it takes.

Excerpt reprinted courtesy of Nona Nelson
See Nona's full article "The Pain of Losing a Pet" at The Happy Wag.



(AKA Pa's Lee Oswald)
2/12/1998 - 4/30/2010

Pa's Lee Oswald entered my life on March 1, 2008, at PetSmart.  He was brought by his owners who asked sara to find a place for him.  I knew from the minute I saw him that his place was with me.  I was blessed to have this amazing boy for almost 2 years, and I will miss him until the day we are reunited.  He was my "once in a lifetime" companion who taught me about unconditional love, and that was my last gift to him.  I know you are watching over us all, Ozzie, while resting in a sunbeam and eating a liver brownie.  I love you forever and always!    - Kim

**A special thank you to Dr. Bridget Quatmann for her donation to the Roanoke Valley SPCA's Sara Jane and Mickey 2nd Chance Fund in memory of Ozzie.**

(AKA Unruly Twist)
1/8/2000 - 3/12/2010
My sweet baby girl Twister has crossed the Bridge.  I will miss her perky ears, her endearing roos and her sweet, sweet  disposition.  She was my first greyhound and lived life to the fullest.  I loved her so very much and it will be so lonely without her.  I know she is in a better place, free from pain and away from all she had to go

                       through this past week.  Have a good life and I hope to see you on the other side.  Thanks to all who have stood by me, called me to see how she was and have been by my side during the worst of it.  I love you all dearly.  - Carolyn

**A special thank you to Dr. Bridget Quatmann for her donation to the Roanoke Valley SPCA's Sara Jane and Mickey 2nd Chance Fund in memory of Twister.**


(AKA Onceo Futuristic)
9/11/98 � 9/18/2009

Katie (AKA Epard Mill)
7/26/98 - 9/8/09


June 12, 2009


8/5/01 - 5/16/09


Jefferson 4/25/08

Robbie 4/1/08



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