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Star City Greyhounds

Our adoption process

You and your dog pick each other.

We may suggest a few we feel would work well in your home, but we believe that incredible greyhound bond requires mutual attraction.
Sometimes what an adopter is looking for is not what they fall in love with, and sometimes the dog just picks you and there isn't any more room for discussion.

The adopter receives the a collar, muzzle, leash, all medical records and their racing record if possible.
The fee also covers the following: Spaying or neutering, Updating vaccines, Heartworm check, Dental cleaning, Deworming, Bathing and flea treatment, and 24 hour tech support


Sara Orrick - Director (540) 309-8067

Lee Bristor - Vice President (540) 366-0945

Star City Greyhound Adoptions, Inc. 2907 Mount Pleasant Blvd. Roanoke VA 24014